Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple season is here!

Love these great fall ideas from Shelterpop!

Apple Garland
We love this idea from The Bride's Cafe of stringing up apples to create a festive display that can be used indoors and out. Think about mixing different varieties for a rustic take on apple decor or use all of the same for something simple. 

Glowing Votives
Apples can easily be transformed into a natural vessel for holding candles. Cut off and scoop out the top portion of the apples, just enough so that a tea light fits comfortably inside. We love lining them up on a table for a quick hit of apple decor, or try them on a fireplace mantel or decorative shelf. 

Delicious Vase
Another way to use an apple as a decorative element is to completely hollow it out, fill with water and use as a vase for a small, casual arrangement. How pretty would this be on a table for a dinner party?

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