Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cute Cupcake Party!

One of our favorite parties -- The cupcake party-- so easy and so much fun! The first step-- the invitation. This adorable one is available at our online boutique  (save 20% using code BASICS thru 10/31/12).

The star of the party-- 2nd only to the bday girl-- the perfect cupcake! Go mini -- make them yourself or work with  your local bakery. Add fun sprinkles and edible silver balls for more sparkle.
Give each little chef a cupcake apron. After guests arrive, have them put on aprons and get cooking. You can work with them to bake the cupcakes and decorate them, or, for little ones, have cupcakes ready to go and just have icing and fun, colorful decorations (sprinkles, candy, etc.) on the table and let them get to work. This apron is available at
Next-- serve pink strawberry milk with the tasty treats in these fun pink and white striped straws!

Games, games, games! Play pin the cherry on the cupcake-- this game was made from felt and backed with duct tape-- yummy!
Send guests home with a treat-- use these cute boxes to package the girls' cupcakes. Just google "paper cupcake boxes" and you'll have your pick!

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